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A Preview of the 2018 BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition

by Chris Lee | August 20th, 2018

If you're looking for a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of structured cabling and other networking backbone concerns, the 2018 BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas may be a great option to consider. Running from September 9-13, the conference will bring together some of the best and brightest minds in network infrastructure.

A Preview of the 2018 BICSI Fall Conference and Exhibition

Located near downtown at the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center, the 2018 conference is near the Alamo and Riverwalk, two of San Antonio's crowning jewels. The combination of culture, tech and history create an intoxicating environment to get lost for a few days. Here's a quick look at what the conference will entail.

Pre-Conference Training and Continuing Education Courses

Whether you're looking at expanding your overall knowledge or need to get some more continuing education credits in before the end of the year, BICSI has a great pre-conference training lineup planned.

  • Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) DC102: Applied Data Center Design and Best Practices (33 CECs)
  • Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) DD102: Designing Telecommunications Distribution Systems (37 CECs)
  • Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM) PM102: Telecommunications Project Management (35 CECs)
  • Outside Plant (OSP) Designer OSP102: Applied Outside Plant Design (35 CECs) - newly revamped

If you're past the point of needing specific certification training, you can receive up to an additional 12 CECs in a range of topics:

  • Interpreting the NEC for Structured Cabling – 6 CECs, Sunday
  • Grounding and Bonding Beyond Code Minimums Can Avoid Downtime – 3 CECs, Sunday AM
  • Documenting Physical Connectivity: Building Systems, Network and Power Cabling – 3 CECs, Sunday AM
  • Data Center Connection Design Technologies – Stop Doing What You Are Told! - 3 CECs, Sunday PM
  • The Fiber Formula – Fact, Fiction & Fantasy – 3 CECs, Sunday PM
  • Fundamentals of Passive Optical LAN – 6 CECs, Monday
  • When a Network is No Longer Just a Network: Merging AV and Networking Infrastructure – 3 CECs, Monday AM
  • Vision Automation Techniques for Infrastructure Design and Management – 3 CECs, Monday AM
  • Four Pair PoE: Powering the Future of Intelligent Buildings and the IoT – 3 CECs, Monday PM
  • Next Generation Wireless Networks – 3 CECs, Monday PM

These courses give you a great opportunity to catch up your knowledge and stay abreast of the latest developments, all occurring from Sunday, September 9 to Monday, September 10. This timing before the main conference allows you to take care of this part of the business before the main conference helps you broaden your horizons into the newest technologies and concepts that have developed over the past few years.


Main Conference Sessions

The main conference will be in session Tuesday and Wednesday, with closing remarks on Thursday allowing for a leisurely commute home or an enjoyable afternoon spent in historic San Antonio. The main session will cover an even wider range of topics than the courses being offered that will provide you with information that is vital to the continued development of digitization and smart technologies. Here's a quick look at some of the topics being discussed:

  • Envisioning Smart and Safe Cities and Buildings Future: 2020 and Beyond
  • What's New With Enterprise Fiber Standards and Applications
  • Demystifying Enterprise Fiber Networks
  • How Data Centers and Central Offices Co-Exist in the Same Space
  • Ethernet and PoE Operation Over a Single-Pair of Twisted-Pair Copper Cabling
  • 10G Network Qualifying: How to Test the True Speed Limit of Your Existing LAN
  • Beyond AV Club – Simplifying K-12 AV Applications
  • The Real Impact of High-Power PoE on Your IP Network
  • Passive Optical LAN – Game Changer: An Integrator's Perspective
  • Extreme Density Networks: Are You Ready?
  • Broadcast Media Networks Over IP
  • DAS @ University of Florida: Covering All of UF From the Stadium to Beyond!
  • Field Testing and Troubleshooting of PON LAN Networks per IEC 61280-4
  • Eliminating the Confusion from Seismic Codes & Standards
  • Audio Distribution, Mass Notification and Its Impact on Safety
  • An Integrated Approach to Low Voltage Design
  • ITS Design Challenges for Health Care Facilities
  • New Cabling Standards for the Buildings of Today and Tomorrow
  • Realities of 802.11ac Speeds in the Enterprise
  • Leveraging the IP Network for Communications and Safety in K-12 Schools
  • My Data Center is Heating Up – What Do I Do
  • PoE Lighting: Unleashing IoT and Opportunity in the ICT Industry
  • Emerging Technologies for Intelligent Building Systems and Interconnectivity of Codes

As you can see, this range of topics covers virtually any area of interest that you'd like to explore. The Fall Conference will provide you with a lot of opportunities to update your knowledge, so why not take a few minutes today to register for the Conference?

Extensive Exhibition Options

With over 120 exhibitors and counting, you'll be certain to find something that matches your company's needs at the 2018 BICSI Fall Conference. From cable manufacturers to labeling options and power tool companies to specialized tools that provide you with unique solutions to your biggest problems. When you need to keep your business on the cutting edge of technology, the options available at the Exposition will provide you with many ways to meet future challenges. As an active part of Texas' structured cabling and internet infrastructure industry, Esticom will be there as both an exhibitor as well as a sponsor for the conference.

If you're in San Antonio for the 2018 BICSI Fall Conference and Exposition, you'll walk away with a huge gain in knowledge for your structured cabling business. You'll also get the opportunity to visit at our booth, giving you the down low on some of the best possible estimating software available. Come by booth 629 at the Exposition and discover what Esticom's suite of structured cabling estimating tools can do for your structured cable business.

Chris Lee
Chris Lee has an extensive background in preconstruction management as a former specialty contractor and business owner. As the Chief Estimator at Esticom, he’s helped thousands of specialty contractors digitize their preconstruction process to increase revenue and profitability while decreasing unnecessary overhead.

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