Who we are?

Built by Contractors for Contractors

No matter the size of your contracting business – whether you’re a one-man shop or a multi-division company with estimators, project managers, operation managers and superintendents. Our mission is to help you build a profitable, successful contracting business by providing purpose-built estimating, project management and operations management tools, built, tested and proven by industry experts from the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industry.

Who We Are

We started as a contracting company ourselves, who probably like you, found that managing a business from spreadsheets or many different disparate systems was very ineffective. We decided there had to be a better way, so we built one ourselves, by contractors for contractors.

With a staff of industry experts, paired with leading-edge developers, Esticom is laser focused on MEP contractors and simplifying their jobs with purpose built software that helps solve problems they face daily. Because we’re so focused on MEP we’re able to design and build tools that do not require hours of up-front setup and training. In fact, we’ve done most the heavy lifting for you, so you can hit the ground running and start winning projects on day one without a heavy investment in training, set up and server hardware.

In fact, most customers have professed to winning projects before they spent a penny on the product during the trial of the product.

What our customers say


  • Before Esticom, I can’t count how much time I spent at the print-shop and wrestling with spreadsheets. Now I’ve been able to streamline my process can turn bid proposals in a matter of hours. My bid win rate jumped.

    Brendan Mealia

    NP Structured Cabling
  • I can’t believe that I used to count ceiling tiles to get cable estimates. With Esticom, my material take-offs and costings are dialed in, and my guys show up to the site with all the right assemblies.

    Mario Gomez

    Estimation Manager - MIITMW Data

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