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Case studies

DMI Technologies

DMI Technologies Decreases Bid Time by up to 75% with Esticom

Cloud-based Technology Powers Increased Bid Rate


Based out of Fort Worth, TX, DMI Technologies provides premier cabling and infrastructure for organizations in the commercial sector. Comprised of a full team of dedicated professionals who are highly skilled in innovative network technologies, DMI Technologies continually exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

DMI Technologies was facing the challenge of being able to quickly and accurately build estimates, specifically with larger and more intricate projects. Their outdated method of spreadsheets caused severe estimating delays and miscalculations of project’s bottom lines. These factors led to over dependencies on the organization’s operational and project management teams to make necessary adjustments. This process drastically slowed efficiencies resulting in up to a 75% increase in the time it took to build estimates.

DMI Technologies recognized that they needed to radically improve and innovate their estimating process to increase time to market to generate more revenue-generating projects while providing the expert customer service to which their customers had grown accustomed.

DMI Technologies acknowledged that as technology continues to innovate, so too did their organization. This was required in order to streamline efficiencies and continue to provide the level of excellence that they built their reputation upon.


DMI began the evaluation process of various estimating software products and decided on Esticom for both its ease of use and efficient estimate creation. With Esticom, one person can do an estimate efficiently, whereas before, many would individuals, spending multiple hours, would be needed to complete an estimate.

Allan Throneberry, VP Sales and Marketing at DMI technologies stated that before Esticom, estimates were drastically slowing the efficiency of their operation staff.

“Estimating staff numbers were low, this caused this task to fall on Project managers when estimating was not their job function. Without Esticom, it took much more time to populate and create an estimate, up to 75% longer depending on the size of project,” said Throneberry.


The Esticom technology solution has minimized DMI Technologies’ time to bid to a fraction of what it initially was and drastically decreased the overhead necessary to produce an estimate. With Esticom, the estimating task has become more strategic, educated, and less cumbersome allowing DMI Technologies the ability to increase time to market and generate more revenue.

“As a company that strives to bring new and innovative process as a company standard, Esticom enables us to broaden that standard. Esticom not only provides us with ease of use but, gives us the tools to stay on top of ever advancing technology,” said Throneberry.

The more we build with Esticom, the easier it becomes to use. DMI recommends Esticom for its ease of use and modern approach to estimating.

- Allan Throneberry , VP Sales and Marketing, DMI Technologies

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About DMI Technologies

DMI Technologies is a woman owned, low voltage contactor company that has provided network infrastructure cabling since 2005. Their team of dedicated professionals is skilled in an array of innovative network technologies and implementation standards. At DMI Technologies, they continually exceed industry standards and customers’ expectations.


Fort Worth, Texas

Primary industries

HealthCare, Multi-Tenant Residences and Office Buildings, Data Centers, Service/Maintenance, Security Services, and Intelligent Buildings