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Case studies

PJS Group, Inc


Fostering a Better Understanding of Client Needs with Cloud-based Estimating Technology


Serving New York City and the surrounding areas, PJS Group, Inc provides civil, electrical, and utility services to public agencies including the MTA, DOT, SCA, DDC, and DEP. The firm was created with a focus on highly technical and critical project schemes, with front end problem solving and design specialties at the heart of their business.

PJS Group evaluated and trialed a range of online takeoff tools, but finding the right software was a challenge. Most products on the market were developed as point solutions, making them too complicated and cumbersome to integrate with their existing estimating toolbox. From entry screens that seemed to go on forever, point and click functions that had specific hardware requirements, and functions that didn’t fit everyone’s PC or MAC usage, creating items to use within the tools was extremely laborious.

Eventually, PJS Group went back to printing out paper plans and using custom spreadsheets to bid their projects, but they knew there had to be a better way.

“Today’s fast-paced, high-demand estimating environment demanded a tool to meet the challenge,” said Frank Bua, Estimator at PJS Group. “We knew somewhere there was a tool developed for our way of business.”


As PJS Group searched for an estimating software, their main criteria was to find a tool that would fit into their existing workflows. They discovered Esticom through online user reviews and a review on Capterra. Esticom’s reporting structure was something PJS Group had been unable to capture with any other software. It created the perfect balance of consistency and innovation, allowing them to immediately capture additional work without dealing with the stress of staffing and timelines.

To Frank Bua, the ability to communicate directly with Esticom’s staff was a game-changer. With just a call or an email, he could reach a live person and get his questions answered in real time.


Since adopting Esticom into their workflow, PJS Group has developed a better understanding of their own bidding practices and their client’s needs. Thanks to its purpose-built tools, Esticom allowed their estimating department to deliver accurate, efficient estimates and dig into the details whenever necessary.

PJS Group believes that estimating software like Esticom is essential in the construction industry, particularly as the technology moves closer toward creating integrated bid administration and take off tools.

Esticom is constantly developing and improving their product based on feedback from the construction community. The accuracy, ease of use, and system flexibility of this tool are the main reasons we love using it.

- Frank Bua , Estimator, PJS Group, Inc

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About PJS Group, Inc

PJS Group, Inc has been providing quality general construction services for over 20 years. They deliver great products and services to local communities by focusing on people and by putting integrity and professionalism side by side with passion and know-how. The company’s electrical division, PJS Electric, employs a highly capable staff of engineers, project managers, and support staff with extensive experience and capabilities in the construction of all industrial electrical installations.


New York City, New York

Primary industries

Civil, Electric, and Utility Construction