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S Frieda Corp

S Freda Corp. Exceeds Client Expectations with Esticom

Leveraging Cloud-based Takeoff and Estimating Technology to Boost the Bottom Line


S Freda Corp. provides high-quality commercial concrete flat-work and residential concrete services with client satisfaction at the forefront of their business. As a woman/minority owned business, S Freda Corp. prides itself on not only the quality of their work, but also in furthering the business endeavors of women and minorities in the construction industry.

Like many other businesses in the construction industry, S Freda Corp. has traditionally relied on bidding new projects with manual processes like marking up plans and creating spreadsheets. However, they soon realized that through technology, there had to be a better way to increase productivity and bid on projects more expeditiously.

“Our process of using manual measurements for our bids was time consuming and inaccurate, mostly do to increased room for human error. We needed to find a way to improve our company’s bottom line with a faster and more accurate approach to bidding,” said Shannon Freda, President at S Freda Corp.


In S Freda Corp.’s evaluation of estimating software, they decided to focus on two primary criteria that would have to be met before considering a purchasing. The first was to find a solution that would provide a return on investment in a short time frame. The second was to find a solution that included a dedicated technical support team. Ideally, this technical team would have the availability to teach the software to their employees and also quickly troubleshoot issues as they arose. Finding these two aspects in one solution proved to be a challenge, until S Freda Corp. discovered Esticom.

Although other construction takeoff and estimating software providers evaluated did prove to be helpful, S Freda Corp. found Esticom’s customer service and technical support team to be miles above the rest.

“Throughout the evaluation process, Esticom’s Head Estimator, Chris Lee, was very helpful and took much of his time to answer all of our questions and educate us on the software. Furthermore, Esticom was able to prove to us that their software is consistently being updated to be even more user-friendly and efficient,” said Freda.


Since acquiring Esticom, S Freda Corp. has minimized their time-to-bid and increased their accuracy and efficiency, which has in turn led to increased revenue. Additionally, they have been allowed more time to focus on providing the highest quality service to their clients.

“Our estimating time has been cut in half, if not more. Additionally, our take-off/bid accuracy and efficiency has increased substantially. Overall, we rate Esticom a 10 out of 10 in terms of caliber of software, customer service, technical support, and pricing,” said Freda.

S Freda Corp believes that estimating software like Esticom is imperative in bringing the commercial and residential concrete industry into the digital age. They are excited that Esticom has allowed them to not only generate more income, but also exceed their clients’ expectations.

Our estimating time has been cut in half, if not more. Additionally, our take-off/bid accuracy and efficiency has increased substantially.

- Shannon Freda , President, S Freda Corp.

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About S Frieda Corp

S Freda Corp. is the leader in all aspects of commercial concrete flat-work and residential concrete. Over the years, their projects have included curbing, sidewalks, ADA-compliant ramps, stamped concrete, patio slabs, retaining walls and pavers.


Ridgefield, Connecticut

Primary industries

Commercial & Residential Concrete Construction