Fire Safety Takeoff and Estimating

Purpose Built for Fire Safety Professionals
Ditch the highlighter and digital scaler and switch to Esticom

Ditch the highlighter and digital scaler and switch to Esticom

Upload your plans and start totaling fire sprinklers, sensors, pull stations, strobes, or measuring fire sprinkler piping, sprinkler heads, hangers and fittings using our pre-built database proven and tested by fire safety professionals.

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Product Features

Win More Projects in Less Time

Manage projects effectively with CRM Dashboard Manage projects effectively with CRM Dashboard

Organize projects by bid due date or project stage. Quickly delegate to available team members. View individual and team performance.

Integrated Takeoff & Estimating in a single package Integrated Takeoff & Estimating in a single package

As you take off items from a set of plans, the estimate is already being created, using your preferred materials and vendor part numbers. No need to transfer data between paper plans or spreadsheets.

Create and save project templates to speed your set up Create and save project templates to speed your set up

Use project templates with pre-built material lists, pricing and groups to streamline your set up process. All you have to do is upload plans and start counting/measuring.

Fire Safety Labor and Material Database Powered by Craftsman

Are you still marking up paper plans and using a spreadsheet to total your fire detection devices, pumps, fire sprinkler heads, tanks and valves? Are you also calculating these material costs manually? If so, you’re probably losing a lot of time and money and maybe not even realizing it. With modern takeoff and estimating software, this process can be completed much faster and with more accuracy than ever before, saving you time and money that would otherwise be lost on human errors.

Esticom is cloud-based, meaning it can be used from anywhere and on any device. You can easily drag and drop symbols that represent fire sensors, strobes, fire sprinkler heads, and pull stations to where they belong on your plans. Additionally, you can cloud & annotate, and download PDF copies for customer approval or your field team.

  • We doubled the number of bids our team could complete in a
    week, increasing revenue without adding any headcount, and it cost less than running our plotter.

    — Jesse Guenter, Sales & Estimating Manager at Lee Structured Cabling
  • We were up and running in only a few mins because of their
    pre-built electrical labor and material database. Having take-off
    and estimating in the same package was the difference between this and other products.

    — Darren Maxwell, Owner, Max Electrical Services
  • We estimate both plumbing and HVAC projects and this was
    the easiest product to use and it really boosted our team
    performance. The biggest deciding factor was how quick the setup was for our company.

    — Branden Shiplet, Owner, Shiplet Companies

Automatically Create a Bill of Material

Pricing materials for your project is a time intensive task where even the smallest errors can result in huge profit losses. The most common approach to pricing materials is to perform a takeoff and submit a bill of material to your supply house and have them estimate and deliver your quote. However, taking off material from paper plans, transferring to a spreadsheet for mark up and labor and then emailing to your supplier is a very time-consuming task. Another common approach is to use costing books, but the problem there is that they quickly lose their accuracy, which means you could be paying too high or too little for your materials. Both of which will result in losing revenue.

The Esticom approach to fire safety systems estimating is different. Our software, totals your parts and assemblies as you perform the takeoff and then builds a consolidated bill of material with part names, description, quantity and your base price that you know you can get on typical projects. You then email this directly to the supply house for quoting.

Learn How Esticom Can Streamline Take-Off and Estimating

Learn How Esticom Can Streamline Take-Off and Estimating


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