Security Takeoff and Estimating Software

Purpose Built for Security Professionals
Security Takeoff & Estimating Designed for Efficiency

Security Takeoff & Estimating Designed for Efficiency

Upload your plans and start totaling door locks, contacts and video surveillance devices and begin measuring multi-conductor wire using our pre-built database, proven and tested by Security professionals.

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Product Features

Win More Projects in Less Time

Manage projects effectively with CRM Dashboard Manage projects effectively with CRM Dashboard

Organize projects by bid due date or project stage. Quickly delegate to available team members. View individual and team performance.

Integrated Takeoff & Estimating in a single package Integrated Takeoff & Estimating in a single package

As you take off items from a set of plans, the estimate is already being created, using your preferred materials and vendor part numbers. No need to transfer data between paper plans or spreadsheets.

Create and save project templates to speed your set up Create and save project templates to speed your set up

Use project templates with pre-built material lists, pricing and groups to streamline your set up process. All you have to do is upload plans and start counting/measuring.

Integrated Material and Labor Database

With security in higher demand than ever before, most estimators are forced to bid multiple projects simultaneously with vague and ambiguous plans. To be successful, you must streamline the process and simplify wherever possible, i.e. counting devices and/or measuring wire footages, so that you can focus on the design intent and ensure that nothing is missed to build a functional system.

It is very easy and costly to under estimate things like specialty camera mounts, cable footage and ensuring that enough labor is in place to route multiconductor wire into a door frames and other hard to reach locations. These tasks leave estimators strapped for time when it comes to ensuring that all the product functionality is in place according to the design. With Esticom’s easy to use on screen takeoff and security estimating functionality, you can quickly take off and estimate system components. This leaves you with a greater amount of time to value engineer the project and deliver a more competitive and profitable bid to your client.

  • We doubled the number of bids our team could complete in a
    week, increasing revenue without adding any headcount, and it cost less than running our plotter.

    — Jesse Guenter, Sales & Estimating Manager at Lee Structured Cabling
  • We were up and running in only a few mins because of their
    pre-built electrical labor and material database. Having take-off
    and estimating in the same package was the difference between this and other products.

    — Darren Maxwell, Owner, Max Electrical Services
  • We estimate both plumbing and HVAC projects and this was
    the easiest product to use and it really boosted our team
    performance. The biggest deciding factor was how quick the setup was for our company.

    — Branden Shiplet, Owner, Shiplet Companies

Security System Estimating Made Easy

When working on a proposal for a security system, are you still using the time intensive method of excel spreadsheets and paper plans? Or even worse, pen and paper in the field? These approaches not only waste time, but can also lead to other problems such as miscalculating material cost or misplacing the proposal when your prospect calls back. With our security takeoff and estimating software you can easily solve these problems and save time.

Esticom gives you access to an automatically-updated database of material costs and allows you to compare prices against national averages for similar projects. You can even export BOMs and marked up drawings to PDF format for field staff to take onsite, drastically reducing your office overhead costs. Additionally, as you take off items from your set of plans, the estimate is automatically being created in the background with your preferred material and vendor part numbers. These features replace the more manual and laborious method of transferring data between paper plans and spreadsheets.

Learn How Esticom Can Streamline Take-Off and Estimating

Learn How Esticom Can Streamline Take-Off and Estimating


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